Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stay on target

In the last week Lal and I have achieved a few WoW milestones. Lal is now a 375 Tailor and Herbalist and has succesully created all three of her primal mooncloth pieces. Of course she can't wear them until she's level 70, but we're making good progress towards that as well. She's currently at 67, and I'm trailing along behind at 66 and 2/3s. The disparity in our levels comes form over a week of Lal farming Bog Lords for motes of life while I was at work. She needed the motes to make the Primal Lifes required in her tailoring, but a side effect of the farming was her gaining an additional 400,000 experience and who knows how much Sporregar reputation while Salthier was sitting in an inn somewhere. I don't really mind. She's happy being in the "lead" anyway. :)

We've made our way to Terokkar Forest in quest progression. A couple of nights ago we spent a lot of time killing worgs for their non existent tails and picking up "Olemba" seeds, which we could never remember how to say correctly. We terrorized a bunch of Arakkoa who refused to dro their feathers, and learned a lot of new recipes while staying at Allerian Stronghold. We've yet to venture to the Bone Wastes and Auchindoun, but after last night's guild meeting, we did jump on the opportunity to go with some guildies to Old Hillsbrad.

I've read a lot of the WoW books, and the story of Thrall is really interesting to me. I tried to explain the basis for the instance and how we were helping restore the timeline to Lal, but I couldn't really get it out right, and I think I just confused her. I tanked the instance and had a lot of fun, although we struggled a bit at certain points drawing aggro when weren't ready for it. In the end Thrall was saved, and the timeline was corrected and Lal ended up with some nice healing shoulders that matched her robe. She also snagged a new mace, so it was a pretty good drop night for her.

One of the fun things about Old Hillsbrad is that Night Elves didn't arrive in the Eastern Kingdoms until more recently, so while in the instance you get a special buff that makes you look human. Lal became a blonde and another of our companions bore a striking resemblance to Chuck Norris. I however, was a bald and aging man. I wonder if we were to go back if I would look any different? I hope so, because I think we may go back some time. After the last boss was down, 4 of us went to Southshore to take in the lore scenes, and have a few drinks at the bar. We ended up congretating in the town hall and having fun with the human emotes and sayings that we'd never experienced much before because I don't think any of us had rolled many humans. It was a lot of fun; there are some pitures below.

Tonight I think we're heading to the Mana Tombs, although Lal might be running Underbog before I get home. I'll have to do a little research and see what kinds of things I'm looking for in these instances.

There's Sal as a balding human, and Malrah as Chuck Norris. Lal's back is turned, but you can see her pretty blonde hair.

"Salther, please. You have got to stop doing that awful human dance!"

Lal, lamenting over her hair color.

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