Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet the Characters - Driya

Driya is Lal's up and coming Shadow Priest alt. Originally Lal only wanted to be holy, but after grouping with a Shadow Priest and feeling the effects of Vampiric Embrace, she wasn't so sure anymore. Thus Driya came into existence as a solo toon for Lal, since we were taking care to level Salthier and Lal together. When Lal wanted to play without me, she could play on Driya.

Driya is Lal's niece and is much younger than Lal, having a less serious demeanor. Basically more fun and more easily excited. Although a Shadow Priest, Driya is not more evil or darker than any other priest. She is simply utilizing an aspect of her priesthood that is more associated with the offensive against evil than the defensive recovery of harm caused by evil. At least that's my best interpretation of what Lal's intention is for her. Perhaps I could have her write up a post for Driya herself!

That's all of our main characters. I hadn't intended to have so many Night Elves, but that's just how it fell out. I actually would like to start some other alts of different races, and with two 70s under my belt, that's probably going to happen soon. We actually just started two Draenei that we intend to level together. I'll save that for another post though.

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