Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet the Characters - Salthier

Salthier came into existence to keep the monsters from attacking Lal. He puts his big bear butt in the way, and she makes sure that said bear stays alive. They are married, life-mates, a committed couple, whatever the proper term is for Night Elven culture. I've yet to come across any official word on that.

Over the last few months, Salthier has seen a lot more playtime than Elionene by virtue of the fact that I spend most of my time online now with Lal. That's fine with me as I have come to love tanking. I'm still getting better at it, but the more I learn, and the better I do, the more I enjoy it. He's recently hit level 70 and is gathering gear to head into Kara with the guild. He actually just got honored with the Scryers to give him the shoulder inscription for tanks. Salthier is now unable to be critically hit. Woohoo!

As a druid, I wanted him to be an alchemist. Normally I would have paired this with herbalism, but Lal wanted to be an herbalist so we sort of have crisscrossing professions. Salthier is an Alchemist/Enchanter and Lal is a Tailor/Herbalist. Together we make an awesome team, and it plays well into their characters need for each other.

I don't have an exact age, but I'd pin Salthier at somewhere between 1,000 to 5,000 years old. Younger than those at the War of the Ancients, but old enough to have been around awhile before the more recent wars. He fought in the Battle at Mount Hyjal alongside Elionene's father. Elio's father died in that battle, and Salthier was the one to inform the family. Though there are no blood ties, Elionene considers Salthier a sort of Uncle and calls him as such.

Salthier was trained as a warrior, due to an inability to learn the Druidic ways earlier in life. After Hyjal, he traveled, spending time with the humans of Stormwind, and learning of these new allies from across the sea. It is here that he discovered the art of enchanting, and became familiar and enamored with the human culture. Through a series of dreams, he was led back to Kalimdor and touched by the hand of Cenarius to begin his training as a druid. To assist and aid him in this journey he reconnected with a friend from long ago, Lal, who was currently entering the Priesthood of Elune. His prior training as a warrior led to the Bear becoming his preferred druidic form.

That brings Salthier current with the timeline. I still like the ambassador to the humans part of it and eventually want to get him exalted with Stormwind, and riding around on a horse! It is likely that Salthier will become more of a main for me, and Elionene more of an alt, as we head into Northrend. It just seems like how it will work out as he and Lal continue to explore this world of theirs.

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