Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet the Characters - Elionene

Elionene Lunaris is my first character and what I would consider my main. When I started playing, I created several class/race/sex combinations and after playing a few levels on each, gravitated towards the hunter class. Of course later I discovered that men playing female Night Elf hunters can be a bit cliche, but by then I had invested too much time to rethink my decision. I figured as long as I didn't act like a tool and a huntard, I should be fine, and I haven't had any issues with it since.

It took me over six months to reach 70 with Elionene, but there were at least a couple months of absence from the game in there, including a real life move. Shortly before reaching 70, I found the guild Veritas by reconnecting with the Guild Leader, Shinorah, who I had instanced with in a pick up group in Uldaman months before. Being in Veritas made a huge difference in making the game more fun for me, both because of the social aspect, and the generosity of guild members with items and instance runs.

I'm a role player (I play on the RP server Moon Guard), and thus I like to have backgrounds for my characters. Elionene actually has her own journal that I put in a blog. The link is in the sidebar to the right.

She is a Beast Master hunter, 41/20/00 specced. I leveled beast master and enjoyed it so much, I never bothered to try the other specs, though I have an idea of the pros and cons of each. Currently she is my farmer and raider, but she also leads an early morning group of adventurers each Saturday at 7 AM EST called the Crack of Dawn. We rep grind in certain dungeons for whatever everyone needs. We're working on Honor Hold rep at the moment. These early morning runs have been some of the most fun instances I have ever done. The group is great, and we learn the instances so well that we can complete most of them in 90 minutes or less, easily.

She's seen the first half of Karazhan, up to Curator, and snagged the Beastmaw Pauldrons and the Gloves of Quickening from there. But I'm probably more proud of reaching 375 in leatherworking and crafting my own Ebon Netherscale set.

I couldn't post about Elionene without mentioning her owl, Lethan. He's been her one and only companion since Teldrassil (with a slight upgrade in Felwood). I never trained any other pets, but that's because I never saw the need. He does a ton of DPS for groups and provides great aggro for when soloing. He can be a bit tempermental, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

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