Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sindragosa Down. One Boss To Go.

Sweet Fancy Malfurion! We finally killed her!

We went in on an off night since we didn't get to go last Friday and decided to clean up Putricide, who was the only other boss up over the last few weeks of extensions. It took us a couple of tries, but we got him. Our DPS was pretty high so the fight wasn't all that bad once we got everyone coordinated. With Putricide down, we headed to Sindragosa, hoping to get in a few attempts before we ended for the night.

A few people joked about one shotting Sindragosa, and we were pretty pumped after killing Putricide. I mean, it's probably been three weeks since we killed anything other than trash in Icecrown. In hindsight, maybe those people weren't joking because we did in fact one shot Sindragosa to the surprise and amazement of everyone involved. We had one person who had never seen the fight before, but somehow all of the stars in the sky aligned and everyone was in the right spot at the right time during the last phase which had been killing us before. Someone mentioned that we had done 40 attempts on Sindragosa up to this point. About time.

With time to spare, we visited with Arthas before starting the fight. We hadn't studied up at all, so it was just for fun. We actually lasted a good while before wiping to mechanics that we were unaware of dealing with a plague or something.
Needless to say we were ecstatic. I think it gave us a much needed push to finish this place. We're invigorated and ready to take on the Lich King. No more trash, no more weekly runs through ICC. It's just us, and him. And Lich is going down.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sindragosa and Raid Extending

*dusts off the blog*

Now, where were we?

Right, so two months later we've defeated Putricide and saved Valithria Dreamwalker. Having decided that our gear is sufficient, we made the decision to start extending the raid until such a time as Arthas is dead. Or at least, more dead than he already is. So for the last two weeks we've been banging our heads against Sindragosa. We've made a lot of good progress. We've got the first phase down great, but getting her dead in that final phase has proven a problem. We don't have the DPS to burn her down, but our coordination hasn't quite been there to survive the tombs and icy grips. We're going back in on Friday, and I'm confident we're going to get her this time. All told, we've probably spent 6-8 hour son the fight and that's about right for how long it's taken us to get other bosses down like Putricide.

I will be so excited when we finally get to the Lich King, and when we finally down him. We've been in Icecrown for far too long now, and I'm eager to finish it so the pressure is off. The plan is to defeat the Lich King once and then spend some time on heroic fights like Marrowgar and Gunship while we continue to do the upper spire on normal modes. A bit more challenge and more gear for people involved.

Outside of raiding, I've been taking a small break from WoW and playing some other games on my recently acquired Xbox 360. That and work stress have kept me from blogging, but things have settled down a bit now, and I hope to get some more writing done. That's always the hope though. For those of you that are interested in reading about other games, I'm keeping a blog at Gamespot about my non WoW gaming. That makes four blogs total that I'm somewhat keeping. I better be careful I don't let this get our of hand.