Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meet the Characters - Lal

Lal is my wife's first character, and recently hit level 70. Woot! When I finally got her to agree and play with me for 30 minutes, she told me she wanted to play a pretty race and focus on healing instead of killing. The Night Elf priestess seemed to fit the bill, and to play along with her, I rolled a Night Elf Druid. I figured if I could tank, and she could heal, we'd be set for life.

That 30 minutes turned into a few months and both of those elves are now level 70 as you can read below. Lal took a liking to professions, Tailoring in particular, and worked her butt off to reach 375 in her mid 60s. She is shown to the right wearing her very own, hand-stitched, fancy Primal Mooncloth set. She's also maxed out her other professions of cooking, first aid, and herbalism, and is working on her fishing. I have to give her props for that because professions are something that I've never taken the time to meddle with. Elionene is a 375 leather worker, but did that long after she turned 70 and still hasn't leveled cooking or fishing past 100 or so.

Currently, Lal is gearing up for Karazhan, but with the PMC set is pretty much ready to go. She worries that her stamina is a little low, so we're working on quests and dungeons to provide her with upgrades to the last bits of older gear she has.

Lal has also been a hit with the guild. They were excited when I told them I was getting my wife to join me in game. At first Lal was hesitant to join the guild, but she soon did and has loved it ever since. She's always willing to help out when she can, and has really gotten good at the art of healing.

She's new to role playing, so Lal is still finding her voice, but she's come leaps and bounds from when we started with talking in character on guild chat and having conversations over /say. It's a lot of fun, and provides us with fun filled evenings of online gaming.

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