The Site
Good Morning Azeroth started when I played WoW in the early mornings before work. This was in the dark days when my wife didn't necessarily approve of me playing video games for long stretches of time, so I used any spare moment I could to immerse myself in Azeroth. That all changed when I convinced her to try out the game with me for just thirty minutes. Long story short, thirty minutes has become over four years of gaming together, and Good Morning Azeroth is where I like to share my thoughts and stories from those experiences. I like to write about lore and raiding, and sometimes even combine the two.

The Blogger: Ted
I am a thirty something man living in the western mountains of North Carolina where my wife and I relax with our beagle mix, Hannah, while we kill internet dragons. We currently run a small guild composed of real life and in game friends with a focus on fun and 10 person raiding. My main is a Night Elf huntress named Elionene. She has been my main since I started playing, and contrary to the popular opinion of why men play female characters in WoW, my reasoning was lore related. In Warcraft III, all Night Elf hunters were female, and they were awesome. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When not playing WoW, I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction novels, playing other games, and keeping up with geek and nerd culture. It's nice to know that we're the ones who are cool now.

If you'd like to follow me on Twitter, you can follow @tedluck. This site is updated irregularly, but I auto post to Twitter with every post. It's also my personal twitter account, so expect non WoW related tweets from time to time.