Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crack of Dawn

I had been throwing around the idea of making a vanity guild on one of my alts for extra bank space, and sinceI probably won't be putting them in any other guild while I'm active in Veritas, why not? I thought it might be cool to make the guild in honor of my Saturday morning dungeon group. Awesome. So I hop on to my level 15 Dwarf Warrior, Frelon, fly on over to Ironforge and the visitor's center to start a new guild.

I had already checked the armory and no guild existed on my server with the title. Actually, it didn't find any guild with that title, which I agree was kind of odd. Whatever.
I type it in to the text box in game to reserve the name and I get the message:

"That name has been reserved. Please choose another name."

Weird. So then I think that maybe the name has been reserved, but no one has registered it. I asked on trade, and nobody knew of anyone that may have reserved that name. Okay, so maybe there's a problem with the name. I thought it might be Dawn because there's an Argent Dawn faction in the game. But a quick look at guild names on the armory shows multitudes of Dawn related guild names, and I was able to make a random name (Frelon's Dawn, or some such) as well.

Whoah, wait a minute. I tried creating several random guild names with the word Crack. Mhmm. Yeah, that's the problem. Apparently, due to potential drug references, the word Crack is not allowed in any guild name. I opened a ticket, and a GM contacted me. I confirmed this with him, and while he agreed the name I wanted was benign, there was nothing he could do to circumvent the ban on names with the word Crack in it. /Sigh

So I guess I'll have to come up with something else. There are lots of options. Break of Dawn, CoD, We Do It Before Breakfast, Early Mornings, etc. But none of them are the group that we have come to love and respect as Crack of Dawn. I haven't yet tested if I can run things together, like CrackOfDawn, but even then it looks kind of noobish without the spaces.

I might just have to give up on the idea and start an alt guild with a completely different name. If I ever take the time to go back to Frelon and mess around with things, I'll see what I think of.


Desdarii said...

Maybe something like Crack-O-Dawn?

fifigoesnom said...

I'm still punting for "Craic of Dawn" *grins* for two reasons!

1) Craic, sounds like Crack

2) Craic, is a wonderful Irish word good times, gossip, music, drinking, debauchery of any kind, or good clean fun and totally sums up our Saturday mornings!

examples of Craic in use...
"Last night was great craic!"
"He's great craic when he has a few pints on him"
"What's the craic?"

The downside, of course, is that if there are any made Irish on the server you may get a few requests to join the guild from people who could potentially terrify you and Lal! *lol*

- Atvia