Monday, June 23, 2008

CoD Hilarity

I love running with my Crack of Dawn group on early Saturday mornings. I don't love it because of instances, drops, or reputation though. I love it because the people who run it with me are just plain awesome. They're funny, good at what they do, and are always a pleasure to run with. Case in point, one of our members, Lochiel, decided to do a Star Wars homage to CoD. Enjoy!

EDIT: Well, it was a cool Star Wars flying text in space thing, only it said Crack of Dawn: We do it before breakfast instead...and apparently Lucasfilm asked the site to cease and desist, so the link stopped working...but it was totally cool.

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Anonymous said...

Lucasfilm is very picky about its material and ideas being used for things unrelated to Star Wars.

I like your header picture. It makes Steamvaults look...not gloomy. :P