Friday, June 27, 2008

Court Jester No More

It only took us five runs of Blood Furnace, but Lal finally obtained her Raiments of Divine Authority. She is ecstatic because 1) It's a robe, not pants and 2) She looks pretty again. Some would argue that choosing looks over stats is ridiculous in a game that rewards performance based on stats, not your appearance. And maybe that's the case at level 70, but when leveling, and seemingly switching gear every couple of levels, I think it's perfectly acceptable to choose gear based on the look if the statistics aren't dramatically different. But that's a moot point in this case because the robe is stinking awesome for a priest and will probably last her until she gets to 70 and makes her Primal Mooncloth set.

We also ran Ramparts one more time and she got the matching pants for her robe, and I snagged a sweet belt. Both were achieved off the same kill of the last boss in the dungeon which was pretty awesome. If Lal wants to go all out, there are some matching gloves (Blood Furnace again, sigh) for that robe and pants, and then shoulders, shoes, and a head piece to follow when we start doing Auchindoun dungeons, and eventually Old Hillsbrad. Along with getting her Hallowed Raiment, and crafting her Primal Mooncloth set, she's got a lot to be excited about.

Now I just have to figure out what I have to look forward to. The druid Dungeon 3 set seems to be aimed at multi-purpose druids, so I could keep it for a back up healing/casting set while I concentrated on getting more feral/tank gear. I suppose I could always snag the generic or rogue set for DPS too. And then there are these other sets attainable with reputation from various faction vendors. These are more PvP oriented, but they are still viable in certain situations. So maybe the problem is I have too many choices! Since none of these sets is ideal for a tank, I should just stick to finding tank gear through quests and drops and worry about sets when I'm all done there.

To be honest, all of this involves a lot of dungeon running and hoping for drops. While doable, I'm not sure that Lal and I are going to be most interested in running dungeons every night at level 70. We've been planning for some time now to level another duo, Draenei Mage and Paladin, and I think that's where the energy will go once we're at top level. I guess ideally we'll be leveling our alts and be able to hop on our mains as needed for guild raids and dungeons, and chances at fancy armor sets. Of course, time spent gold farming on the level 70s will greatly help along the lowbie alts as well.

And then when Wrath of the Lich King comes out, it will all start over.

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