Thursday, June 12, 2008

From Long distance to none at all

So as soon as I got back from WV, I was excited to be able to play Lal and Salthier in the same room as my wife and not have to use that crappy voice chat. However, my Mac Powerbook had other plans and decided to overheat on me. I was able to use it for our CoD run on Saturday Morning, (now running Slab and hoping for the Sonic Spear to drop!) and then Lal and Salthier joined up with our friends Lochiel and Atvia to run through Scholomance.

Let me interject here that after running that instance, I have no desire to ever go back. Even with high level friends running it with you, it's just long! I'm so eager to get to Outland and run the better designed, better loot, more fun instances. I shouldn't talk though because Elionene is still hopeful for her Dungeon 1 Beaststalker set...which means I'll have to farm Gandling for that hat eventually.

Back about my's problem is that it is overheating because the fan that cools the graphics card when it gets hot isn't working. I took it in and it's getting repaired, so I just have to wait. In the meantime, Lal and I are catching up on our non wow hobbies, and she's still soloing on Driya when she can. I'm really hoping for a call to get the comp back soon because we both miss playing Lal and Salthier together. Seems like it's been weeks, even if we did run Scholomance on Saturday.

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