Friday, June 20, 2008

Karazhan, at last

I finally made it into Karazhan. And it was well worth the trip.

Lal and Salthier began their night eager to quest in Hellfire Peninsula, but we weren't there long before our guild sent out the call for a DPS for the Thursday night Kara run. They had already started, but someone had to leave due to connection issues I think, and a spot had opened up. At first I wasn't going to say anything because Lal and I hadn't leveled together in a few days, and we were looking forward to doing that. But Lal said I should go and help out the guild, and she knew that I had been eager to get into Kara for some time now. I made sure that it was okay that I would be leaving her to solo for a few hours, and she said it would be fine. So I logged out Salthier, and logged in Elionene for some awesome Kara hunter DPS action.

They had already killed Attumen and Moroes, so I didn't get a chance to see those fights, but I did get to participate in the Maiden, Opera (Big Bad Wolf), and Curator fights. First of all, the place is huge, and really cool looking, it's got a mysterious, but light atmosphere, and the music is a lot of fun. It was all guild members in the raid, and from what I could tell, they really knew their stuff. None of the bosses or trash really gave us any problems all the way through Curator. I think they've been doing Kara for a couple months now, so the progress is really cool to see. We're still hoping to get a second team going to accommodate those people that can't go on weeknights. I can't be a regular on this team, so I'm hoping to be part of the second team as well.

There was only one other hunter in the raid, Belfonisis, and as luck would have it, a couple hunter items dropped and they went to me by default! Elionene is now sporting the Beastmaw Pauldrons and the Gloves of Quickening. Now I just need to grap enchants for them so they are up to par with the rest of my gear.


Crack of Dawn, my morning dungeon run that I lead at 7 AM EST every Saturday is still going strong. We're running Shadow Labyrinth for the third time this weekend in which I'm really hoping that Sonic Spear finally drops. After that we're going to try doing a Heroic run in Coilfang Resevoir again for a couple of our members who still need Cenarion Expedition reputation. I think it will be Steamvault, but I haven't heard back from the other members on their preferences yet. From there the plan is to begin working on the Shattered Halls dungeon, which is fairly hard. I have yet to finish it completely. The times I've run it in the past, we always got stuck in the gladiator rooms.

There's a change we might run Arcatraz just once in there too, since I need to finish a quest in there, and a least a couple of our members are in need of Sha'tar reputation. If enough people are interested, maybe we'll add it to the rotation, but for now, it will just be a one-off.


Meanwhile, Lal and Salthier need to get back into the groove and I plan on doing that tonight. It seems like it's been awhile since they hit 61 and finished up Hellfire Ramparts. I'm hoping we can wrap up a bunch of quests in Hellfire Peninsula tonight, run Blood Furnace, and then hit the road for the Western side of the zone for new quests and activities on the way to level 62. Soon, Lal will be 70 and then it's a whole new game. We also have plans to start a Draenei pair. She wants to roll a mage, and I've still never done a Paladin past level 10. Before we know it, we'll have so many options, we won't know what to do with ourselves.

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