Monday, June 16, 2008

Outland. Send in the Clowns.

Lal and Salthier have officially entered Outland. That's right, we stepped through the portal and found ourselves in the midst of an epic battle between The Burning Legion and the people of Azeroth. Lal was quite excited, and took pictures of the event which I will post soon. We where whisked away to Honor Hold where we began to do what we did best. Questing and more questing.

After getting our bearings, we helped to slay some demons and upon doing so we received our first quest rewards from Outland. I was excited to obtain the quite useful Agamaggan's Quill. However, Lal was a bit dismayed that the fantastic staff they were offering her meant she would have to give up her fancy book that she had recently obtained in Stratholme. That's right, ten minutes into Hellfire Peninsula and we were replacing our purples with greens. To be fair, the book is probably still better than most early things in Outland. It's just that the staff was a two handed weapon. What I think we'll try to do is find her a comparable Outland one hand weapon to pair with her fancy book. Perhaps the Diamond-Core Sledgemace, or the Coilfang Hammer of Renewal. Yes, we have not seen the last of the Book of the Dead.

On top of that though, Lal replaced her Mooncloth Robe, which she had made herself, with the unflattering Goldweave Tunic. To make a long story short, we believe that the officers of Honor Hold have a conspiracy to entice us with large statistics and huge bonuses, so that we will dress up like clowns for their amusement. Either that or they are taking the utility over appearance idea way to far. Or maybe it's to scare the Fel Horde with our garish appearances? Who knows. The good news is that we'll probably be replacing our ridiculous outfits with other ridiculous clothing soon, and maybe we'll even snag something that looks decent. I know at least that the dungeon sets at level 70 are nice looking, and I know Lal will be making her own Primal Mooncloth set when she works her tailoring up.

If anything, the knowledge that better looking gear awaits us is incentive to level as quickly as possible.

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