Monday, September 29, 2008

Raid Weekend

Sunday night, Veritas took on Magtheridon with some help from members of other guilds. It was a lot of people's first time in a 25 person raid, and because of that it was somewhat chaotic. But only a little. Our very own Goradan, a Feral Druid, took the reins of the beast and got everybody into position.

I was assigned a cube to click, to aboid Mag's blast nova. Which is pretty much a raid wiper as we found out. Our first wipe was due to not banishing Magtheridon during that attack. We tried again and figured it out, but then we had problems getting bounced around and missed a blast nova again. After that, we had it going pretty well, but then the main tank died and Mag went hog wild on everybody. So we'd been there awhile and decided the fifth time would be our last time, as the trash mobs were going to respawn and it was getting late. Boy did we make it count. Flawless victory. I was so happy that we managed to kill him, and not end the night on a bad note.

As crazy as 25 person raiding is, it was fulfilling to end it well. You find yourself telling yourself you can't believe that you pulled it off. I agree with a friend of mine that the ten person raids are more fun, in that it's less stress, and there's more time to get to know people and goof around and have fun. The 25 person raids are intense, but the accomplishment is still wonderful. We're looking to take down Gruul in the near future, and we are also partnering with some guilds to do Tempest Keep and Serpent Shrine Cavern in the near future. I guess we're trying to get it all in before the expansion hits and these places become ghost towns.


Anonymous said...

Try forty! Now that was hectic! In a way, as much as a hassle as it could be, I do miss how epic fights felt.

Congratulations on the Magtheridon downing! That's an awesome accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Gratz on getting 'em down! Looking forward to hear how far you progress before Wrath hits.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I was thinking about the 40 person content. That makes my brain hurt. As far as for how far we get before Wrath, we really only hope to get Gruul down, and the main reason for that is some people are trying to get the Champion of the Naaru title.