Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Salthier and Lal are on the Move

The adventures of Salthier and Lal continued this last week with some major accomplishments. The first and most exciting of which is that Salthier has achieved his Swift Flight Form! I’m an epic item! I can fly fast, and it’s so much fun! Now Lal doesn’t have to wait for me whenever we’re going from one place to the next because we both have our epic flight training and mount/form.

It started with me realizing between the two of us we had worked up enough gold to buy my training. Once we did that, I immediately began the quest chain to get my swift flight form. It was long and I spent nearly all afternoon and a lot of the evening doing it, but I was determined, and with a little help from Lal on the last bird boss, I was able to finish it, and then I just needed to go to Heroic Sethekk Halls and fight Anzu, the Raven god. No big deal. Pumped from getting this far, I enlisted some of the finest fighters in my guild and we tore through the halls with a fury. Before I knew it, I was swooping around Cenarion Refuge in my pretty new bird shape. Woot!

Friday saw Lal and Elionene go into Karazhan and clear 10/11 bosses. We didn’t try for Netherspite, but we had a guild first Nightbane kill! Lal then got the quest chain to summon Nightbane and was able to pick up the first piece for that quest in Heroic Sethekk when we took Salthier to get his flight form. Then on Monday, Elionene and Lal went with some guild mates to heroic Shattered Halls for the daily, and the Trial of the Naaru: Mercy quest. We had a great time, and didn’t have any wipes until we got to Bladefist, who we downed on our third try! We completed all of the quests we went in there for, and now both Lal and Elionene can summon Nightbane. All in all, a very productive weekend.

Add to that, Lal, with the help of others, was able to scrape enough money together to buy the [Pattern: Girdle of Ruination] for her smite set. Several people in the guild also want one made, so she is quite the in demand tailor. I think she likes it.

One last thing to note is that Salthier started his rep grind for Stormwind this weekend. I imagined his character as being sort of an ambassador to Stormwind after the events at Mt. Hyjal, to learn more about the humans, since the Night Elves had been fairly secluded before. My goal is to get him exalted so his mount can be a horse, but I also read that he may be able to get an actual Title in the Lich King expansion so it will really say Ambassador Salthier above his head. I’ll need to get exalted with all of the major city factions for that to happen though. Looks like Sal will be doing quite a bit of cloth turn ins and lower level quests in the starter zones!

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