Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving Forward

Our scheduled ZA run was canceled last night when we failed to get enough people interested in going. The most troubling part was waiting for an hour trying to find someone and accomplishing nothing. We actually had nine people ready, but needed a healer, and there were no healers available on the server. /sigh

I like running Zul'aman, and would like to at least see the other two of the first four bosses in the next couple weeks. We'll see if that happens. A lot of people who had been on the Mag raid, and previous to that, Tempest Keep, and then Karazhan on Monday because I couldn't lead it on Friday, were sort of raided out. We're not technically a raiding guild, so when you have four nights of raiding in a row, it takes its toll. We also discussed how leading up to the expansion release, people are sort of tired of raiding in general since these raids will become fond memories as we level and gear for new dungeons and raids. Such is the life of an MMORPG.

In character related news, nothing much is happening. Elionene is leading Karzhan runs on Fridays. Salthier is pretty much just around for helping people who need him as a tank or DPS. Lal has been dutifully doing her Dailies, and recently got to exalted with the Cenarion Expedition so she can have her own hippogryph! Salthier needs a couple more Steamvault runs to get exalted as well and grab his Earthwarden. I should really do that before Wrath comes. It looks like I'll be leveling Salthier first in Outland, along with Lal. I hope I have enough time to play and level Elionene as well. Maybe I'll have a reason to get up and play before work again. ;)

We did get to play Bogdan and Nadya a bit this last week, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I can tell Lal really prefers to stay on her main character. Originally, I thought the aspect of leveling was something she really liked, and thus creating and playing alts would be something she would like. But I was wrong. More often than not, she wants to do things with Lal, even if it's just helping other guild members. I think it's the idea of learning a new class. Even though it's fun for her to play a mage and kill things quickly, she prefers the familiarity of her priest. And she's also very much into making Lal the best she can be, which includes healing and smiting, so she has two sets of gear to achieve. Speaking of which, she got a nice smite cloak in Karazhan the other night. I forget the name, but I'll link it later.

I, on the other hand, feel pretty much content to raid with Elionene and use Saltheir when needed. So I actually would prefer to play Bogdan most of the time, except on raid nights. Sadly, he's meant to level with Bogdan, so when Lal doesn't want to play Nadya, we don't play on our Draenei. Occasionaly she'll indulge me and we'll play them, as we did the other night. But I just don't think I'm going to get far on them before we're leveling our main toons in the expansion. I'm sad about that, but at least it means less to worry about when the expansion does hit, and we can always go back to them in a few months when we're 80 and bored. :D I've probably talked about all this before, but it's what's on my mind at the moment.

I hear that the new patch will radically change a lot of things about all of our classes, and that it's supposed to go live on the 14th of October. After that, it will almost be like a new game.

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