Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Speaking of New Mounts

Hello, and sorry for being absent. I was out sick this weekend! Woohoo! Well, not so much, but I did get to play a little bit more than usual. In that little bit more I managed to grind Kurenai rep to exalted and get Elionene her Cobalt Riding Talbuk!

Lal and Elionene went to Zul'aman last night. Sadly we could not repeat our Nalorakk kill, and ended up having to reset the fight so many times that the trash came back, and Nalorakk went down to join them. Oddly enough, we could not reset the fight. He just kind of stood there and did nothing, no matter how much we taunted him or ran around in circles. We gave up and went to kill the eagle boss which we did! We tried again to get Nalorakk to fight us, but he still ignored us, so we said, "hey, if you can't beat them, join them!" and we all took positions around Nalorakk to fight off any adventurers who thought they could beat us for our treasures!

Not much else on the character front I think. The other big news in the WoW world is that Wrath is officially set to release on 11/13/08. I have mine pre-ordered. Do you?

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