Monday, September 8, 2008

Heading to Zul'aman

Tomorrow I get to go with our first guild only raid on Zul'aman. We're hoping to see the first two bosses although I'll be just as happy if we are able to only down the first boss. Everything we've read says that the place can be really tough, and most of us that are going are just hitting the recommended minimums. The guild is modeled after and adventurers group of the likes of Indiana Jones and the like, so this raid really fits our guild motif. It's taken some time, but we're ready to go!

I'm also going to be taking over as one of the main raid leaders for our two Karazhan groups. This is exciting for me because I love Kara. I've enjoyed the weekly dungeon runs I've lead, and now this is like a step up from that. It was a request from the guild leaders too, so it really makes you feel good when others feel that you have what it takes to step up and be a raid leader. I'm not sure when our first run will be, but I hope to put it up soon so I can start planning based on the people who sign up, which bosses we will try for and who will be doing what.

There was some discussion on the Blog Azeroth forums about casual/hardcore and what that means. I've always considered myself a casual player in that I don't do the weekly 25 person raids. But to be honest, based on the amount of time that Lal and I play, we could probably be considered hardcore players. So I think I agree with some of the people who say there are both casual players that raid, and hardcore players that do not.

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fifigoesnom said...

hey! serious grats on leading the Kara team!! am sure you'll be a natural at it if my previous experience of running groups with you is anything to go by ;)