Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week in Review

I've been busy doing a lot of things in and out of game, so I haven't had as much time to post. Here are some highlights from the last week. As well as some pictures, since I haven't posted many recently.

We ran Karazhan last Friday. Our quickest run ever at three and a half hours. These patch changes have made a huge difference, but we also know the fights really well now. But more than anything, I'm the most proud that I finally got us to line up to get our Chess badges. It's so much more efficient! Oh, but Gnomes get a pass, I mean, they're Gnomes. They need time to dance on the box.

While the Zombie invasion had its up and downs, I think it was generally implemented pretty well, and if anything, it was at least realistic in that an invasion of zombies really would interrupt your normal plans and daily activities. I didn't spend much time as a zombie, but I did tool around Shattrath with another guilde for a little while searching for brains. We took our search to the World's End Tavern right before Perry Gatner was to perform. We unknowingly infected Shattrath Saul as he was about to introduce him and he turned into a Zombie. I guess Perry got scared because he never showed.

And here's an interesting Zombie fact. Tinkerbell, Haris Pilton's pet in the tavern, is immune to the Zombies. But the Zombies don't know that. Here's a picture of the dog tanking about 20 of the undead.

I think I mentioned that I got the Leeeeeeroy achievement. If I didn't, here's a shot of our group after we got our new Jenkins titles.

Both Lal and Salthier have completed all of the Hallowe's Eve achievements, save for that dubious mask one. Thankfully we should still qualify for "The Hallowed" title when the next patch hits. We haven't been after the Headless Horseman much since we got everything we wanted, but one time while we were waiting for a few people, we had a little fun with some wands.

Another time while waiting for people to come do the Headless Horseman, I took Salthier into the Scarlet Cathedral solo and tried to down Highlord Mograin and his girlfriend. Sadly, I was unable to do it since about 100 Scarlets rush you if you don't kill them all on the way in. I was able to get Mograine down, and then Whitemane when she came out, but didn't have enough time to kill Mograine a second time. I was really close, might try it again and pop a few more special abilities.

We also went back to Zul'aman and managed to get the 4 animal bosses down. Hex Lord was still too tough for us, even with the changes. I think our tanks and healers might just need a little bit more gear to handle it, but we gave it a valiant effort and did really well. We also managed two of the timed chests.

The expansion will be soon upon us. I've been working slowly on my Shaman alt, and doing random things with guild members. Tonight we're having a bit of a Hallowe's Eve ball with a costume contest. Hopefully it will be a fun time for some role play without being draining. There's so much to do lately, that it's hard to do anything!

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Havohej said...

Reading stuff like this makes me miss WoW! Unfortunately I can only support one MMO sub at a time and right now I'm on Pirates of the Burning Sea... still, the memories!