Friday, October 3, 2008

Salthier, A Day in the Life

Salthier looked down into his hands as he gripped the mace firmly. The handle was long and wrapped with tough leather for easy handling. The head was rectangular and glowed a feint green, probably imbued with the essence of nature by the Night Elves who had crafted the weapon. Spikes lined the handle right below the head, as deadly as they were decorative. It was a well crafted weapon, made even more unique in that it was only given to those who proved themselves worthy to the Cenarion Expedition by helping their fight against the Naga within the Coilfang Reservoir. It truly was the Earthwarden. It was a shame he would never swing it.

Long ago, Salthier had been knowledgeable of weapons, but now as a Druid he had know practical use for it, other than the magic it was created with. He would wear it with pride, a visible depiction of his rank and dedication to the cause of his people, but when it came to battle, the claw and the tooth would be his weapons. These things had never failed him as he bonded with the spirit and form of the bear and the cat.

Salthier left the calmness of Zangarmarsh in a flash of feathers and flew to the center of activity in Outland, Shattrath City. He set down in the heart of the Scryer tier and became himself once more, the mace easily visible on his back. He made his way to the inn and checked for any recent correspondence from home. Lal had sent him some spicy crawdad, his favorite, magically preserved so as to not spoil and be available to use while out adventuring. He chuckled as he read her note, chiding him for not taking his lunch with him that morning. Sadly he would not see her until later today, as the Shattered Sun kept her busy running around Outland. He had another letter too, this one from Elionene.

Elionene often sent letters to Salthier informing him of her efforts in Karazhan. Some time ago, after she had gained the favor of the druids as well, she had turned her attention to the assistance of the Kirin Tor. She had some sort of fascination about Medivh and his tower and sought to learn all she could. The wizards were impressed, and Veritas saw it fit to have her begin leading a team into the tower weekly. The letter he had received was about the tower, as most of the letters tended to be lately. It was attached to a package with some weapons and armor obtained from the tower. Most of it junk with which he could create enchanting materials from. After briefly looking through the items in the package, Salthier began to read the note.

Hello Uncle,

We continue to have success in our research of the Ivory Tower. We have not yet found a way to completely neutralize the spirits within as they return week after week, but we have started to master their tactics and send them fleeing faster each time. The Kirin Tor are quite impressed, and have seen fit to bestow on me the highest rank possible without actually being an actual mage. However, I think the wizards from Dalaran are starting to turn their eyes to other problems. Recently they have called more of their brothers and sisters back to the ruined city in the Hillsbrad Region. I have not been privy to what they are doing, but I have heard rumors of dragons and the northern lands. It almost appears that they are preparing for another battle. It saddens me to see them leave the area around Karazhan. They may think they have discovered all they can from the tower, but I continue to grow more namored with it. Medivh kept a large number of notes on so many things. He has a whole section devoted to Kaldorei culture. Much of it has been lost to age and vandalism, but there is still much to learn. How did he know so much of us when we had not even encountered the humans until more recently?

Even as they leave, they have promised to let me continue my research in the tower at least for now. I plan to make good on that. There is one room that we have not yet ventured into. It is an observatory of some sort, but within is a Nether Dragon. How he got there, I am unsure, but he guards the access. He also appears to have lost his mind, as most all things that have dwelt too long in Karazhan have. Perhaps Mordenai would know who he is. I will have to ask him when I am next in Shadowmoon Valley.

I'm sure you found the package that accompanied this letter. Do what you can to make those items more useful. Hopefully in my next letter I will be able to tell you what the wizards are so anxious about. My attention is still with the tower, but I can't say I'm not curious about these whispers.



Salthier folded the letter and placed it in his pocket. Strange that she would mention rumors of dragons and the north. The druids themselves had been discussing strange feelings on the wind and in the earth coming from a northerly direction. None of them knew for certain what it mean, but it was certainly an omen of things to come. Salthier was ready for it.

He walked towards the center of the City of Light and took the portal to Stormwind. Leaving the mage quarter, he made his way for the Keep of Stormwind to meet with several other ambassadors. There was to be a meeting among the Alliance about these rumors. Adjusting to the new weight on his back, Salthier strode quickly into the keep, eager to personally volunteer himself to be one of the first to discover the true face of these rumors.

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