Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Plan

Yesterday I had the day off. I knew there was going to be maintenance, but I was expecting to be able to play in the early afternoon. Much earlier than I normally log on during the week. While waiting for the maintenance, I played some Twilight Princess on the Nintendo Wii. It was a lot of fun, I need to make a note to do that more often.

I logged on at around 11:45 Server, and played for 15 minutes before the server came down. And then the waiting began. Needless to say, didn't get back on until 10 hours later, and then I just checked my non existent mail and went to bed. /sigh

But that is the past. The future is now, and today, I have a plan.

1) Get off work and go home.

2) Eat dinner

3) Grind the last of the reputation on Salthier for Cenarion Circle and grab that "Guardian of Cenarius" title. Stylin'.

4) Go to guild meeting. (sporting new title)

5) Participate in guild RP event. (Guild Master is doing a pilgrimage from Ironforge to Uther's tomb. He's a dwarf pally.)

6) Get ready to go to mall around 10 PMish

7) Wait at Gamestop, see if anyone is in costume (I will NOT be), purchase game and beat it at 12:01 AM

8) Return home, install one copy on each computer (2) and hope that the lag and server death doesn't prevent me from playing until the sun comes up. My hopes are not high based on recent activity.

That's the plan. Let's hope all goes according.

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Beltayn said...

Damn, I hate my timezone so much. Really would have loved to go on that pilgrimage to Uther's tomb.

Did anyone get pics?