Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Scarlet Monastery

We had a weekend break from WoW while traveling out of state, but before we left we finally stepped into the Scarlet Monastery!

We had a little quest to do called In the Name of the Light which required us to kill the end bosses in 3 of the 4 wings of the monastery. After a little convincing, I got a couple guild member alts and one of their friends to join us in a 5 person escapade into the dungeon. It was my first time in the instance at the appropriate level and Lal's second instance ever. We were level 42ish, which is at the high end of the level range for the dungeon. Our group had another level 40 something and then two others in the low 30s.

We ventured into the Library portion first. The only other wing that doesn't require a key is the Graveyard, but since the quest didn't require that wing, we were passing it up to save time. We also had to find a book and it was, appropriately enough, in the library. I was hoping to get the area done in an hour or so, but it took us a little longer. Very few of us had been here before and we had a couple stops along the way. At some points, I felt like we weren't very coordinated and the fighting got chaotic. We kept aggroing mobs from places we weren't supposed to and I had to tank a bunch of them. Thankfully, we were high enough level to where we could get away with this, but in the future, I'll have to be more deliberate about our pulls and make sure we aren't rushing into too many of them.

Lal did a great job healing. She claims she just kept spamming Renew but nobody ever died during a fight. Unfortunately, we did have a death. On the way out of the library, I told everyone to run for the door, ignoring the zealots who were attacking us, and Lal didn't quite make it out. It was my fault for not protecting her, and I felt pretty bad about it. Thankfully, we had another priest in the group who popped back in and rezzed her.

From there we used our new Scarlet Keys to access the armory. We fought our way to the last guy and took him down without too many problems. We handled the groups of mobs slightly better but we still had aggro issues. This time when we ran back to the entrance, our other priest died right before he zoned out and Lal and to rez him. I guess they're even now.

By that point it was late. We had completed one and a half quests and it was past time for bed. I'm hoping tonight we can finish off the SM quests in the Cathedral, which really shouldn't take that long. Then we have to figure out all these quests in our quest log.

Warcraft has become our biggest past time. It has even taken priority over a lot of the TV shows we used to watch together. Lal is always asking me to play when I get home from work, and it's kind of funny. Before she played WoW, we would usually watch TV or do stuff around the house. Now that she plays with me, she usually wants to do that, and the other night she commented to me, "How did you stand not playing when you got home at night?" I don't really know! I guess it was just a morning thing and a weekend thing, and now we get to play in the evening too!

Although I don't get to play as Elionene that often, I don't regret at all getting my wife to play. It's fun to level a new character and double the fun to level it with her.

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