Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dustwallow Marsh

Lal and Salthier are currently at level 36 and working through quests in Stranglethorn Vale, Dustwallow Marsh, and a few other assorted areas. We're still having a blast leveling together too. I'm particularly excited about doing quests in Dustwallow as I spent very little time here when I was leveling up Elionene. We just finished a short chain of fun quests where we investigated a lighthouse and then eventually had to Take Down Tethyr! I thought it was fun anyway. I think Lal was a little stressed by the huge sea monster coming to get her! We had actually been subject the quest the previous day while fishing off the docks. Lal noticed the sky getting darker and was promptly thrown into the ocean by a water spout from Tethyr.

One of the advantages of leveling alts is the ability to siphon gold from your main. Elionene is still supplying both Salthier and Lal with materials and gold needed for raising our professions. As a result, I think Lal is already a 261/300 Tailor with robes and things she's made in the bank, awaiting her to level up so that she can wear them. Salthier is just above 225 in enchanting and alchemy, as level 35 is when we finally got to increase the cap to 300. I haven't taken the time to get his skills up, but I'll be focusing on that soon.

Soon, I hope to introduce Lal to role playing a little more so that I can get her to agree to join my guild. It's a great group of people and she's already met quite a few of them. Most nights we are so focused on leveling or professions that we don't get a chance to role play, but little by little we are getting there.

And I finally managed to upload a few pics so here are Salthier and Lal for your viewing pleasure!

This is an earlier picture from when we were on Teldrassil still. I'll try and remember to get a more recent one up soon.

Salthier brandishing a fishing pole. He's not a very good fisherman and gets frustrated very easily.

Lal modeling one of the many robes she has made, standing in front of the Darnassian tailor.

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