Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Temple Full of Trolls

Lal and I sometimes find a rhythm where it just seems like we can complete quest after quest and really advance in levels and content fairly quickly. We completed a whole bunch of Hinterlands quests and go to level 51 in what seemed like a really short time. A friend of ours in the guild, Lochiel, saw us at the appropriate level to go to the Sunken Temple, and knowing that we were a little burnt out on dungeons, offered to run us through with his level 70 Druid.

Now I like to do things at level for the challenge and to complete the dungeon the way it was meant to be completed. But the Sunken Temple is long. And the layout is very confusing. I told him we might just take him up on it, but I wanted to see what other quests we needed before we did the dungeon, and then we would try it Sunday night. Well, I found the quests we needed to do, and figured we could get them done in a few hours. It did not happen that way.

Apparently the quest chains leading to Sunken Temple are designed to take you pretty much to every level 50ish zone for different items and objectives. There are class specific quest lines for which I had to go to Un'goro crater, and Lal had to go to Azshara. On top of that we had to scour Feralas and Tanaris for livers and gizzards for a dwarf in the Hinterlands. Add to this going to Stormwind, to Swamp of Sorrows, back to Storwind...you get the picture.

After a few more hours than I had intended, we finally were ready to enter the Sunken Temple. Lochiel's time zone was later than ours, but he still graciously took us because he's just that nice. I think we had a good time in the temple. With Lochiel tanking, Salthier on damage, and Lal on healing, we made short work of the mobs and bosses. Tha hardest part was just finding our way around. We did wipe once before one boss where Lal and I got feared into a huge mob of trolls. The results were a dead Lal and Salthier. Lochiel tanked about 50 trolls before also dying. We made our way back and proceeded with a bit more caution.

In the end we leveled once more to 52, completed every quest in the temple, obtained some fancy drops (nearly every drop was leather, go figure), and received lots of fun quest items. So ended a long day of WoW.

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