Thursday, May 15, 2008


We had a marathon play session last Sunday that culminated in a Zul'farrak run. We had several quests to complete and a few other members in 'Veritas' who were also willing to search through the sandy Troll ruins. When we started, we had a level 53 priest healing, Lal doing Holy DPS, and a Shadow priest. Add to that two druids, me tanking, and another DPSing. We took the short path To Gahz'rilla to do the Carrot on a Stick quest. Before we could hit the gong for the big lizard though, our healer and the other druid had to leave. Thankfully, two gracious members of the guild offered to help out. And they were both druids. I've never done an instance with so few classes before. Just priests and druids, but it seemed to work out just fine, and it illustrated the versatility of both classes.

We killed Ghaz, and made our way slowly through the rest of the dungeon. In Lal's own words, it was chaotic. Especially the stairway battle with all of the trolls, but even on a lot of the regular pulls there were scarabs and trolls everywhere. The instance lasted a lot longer than I thought it would (which is usually the case) and even though we got a lot of experience and completed (most) of our quests, I didn't have as much fun as I thought I would.

I think in the end it boils down to the difference between Azeroth dungeons and Outland dungeons. Outland dungeons seem to be shorter, and better designed for 5 person groups than the old world dungeons. Pulls make more sense, and the quests are straightforward. It's things like that that make me say we won't do any more dungeons before we get to Outland, but that might be hard to do. What about Strat? BRD? And the Sunken Temple for our class quest!? I'll have to see how Lal feels about it, but I think I'm really looking forward to reaching level 58 and getting into Outland as soon as possible.

I'm not one of those people that has been playing since before The Burning Crusade Expansion, so for me, the game basically starts with Outland. I'm still a little nostalgic for the old world dungeons, but I've been lucky enough to run most of them on Elionene. Lal still isn't convinced that she like dungeons, but I know she'll be eager to get into Outland. And that reason is tailoring.

Lal is currently level 48, and a 300/300 tailor. She loves making new items, especially items she makes that she can upgrade her armor with. She's eager to get to Outland so she can make the jump to 375 and learn even more patterns.

Salthier is plugging along in Alchemy and Enchanting, but they don't have the same pull for me that tailoring and cooking have for Lal. It's kind of impressive to be honest.

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