Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Duoing Azeroth

We play regularly now. It's fun and engaging to play together, working with each other to kill things and finish quests. Lal is really getting the hang of it and enjoying a lot of the aspects of the game. One of the things she's really latched onto is the crafting. With a little help from Elionene, Lal has already worked up Tailoring and Cooking to 150 and is working on Herbalism, First Aid, and Fishing. I was surprised at this because initially crafting felt like it detracted from leveling. Now she wants to level to 20 (currenty 17 as of this post) so that she can get the next tier of professions and level them to 225. Unfortunately, Elionene's wealth is limited and we may need to obtain the materials ourselves!

Salthier is a Skinner and Alchemist. Lal supplies me with herbs and I send the leather to Elionene to make items that are good for Salthier's level. I've decided we will use Eleionene for crafting supplies until they get too spendy and then we can manage on our own. I won't send us money, or AH items. That way we benefit from the quests and learn to survive on our own money for things besides crafting.

We are currently in Darkshore, and I've pulled ahead in the leveling by a couple thousand experience because I've received a few Druid quests for forms and such that Lal did not do. There were no corresponding priest quests to do. On the other hand she's been leveling fishing and doing a few fishing quests that I can't get yet. I think I'll not level fishing right now so that she can have those, and maybe encourage her to solo kill some mobs while hunting for herbs and things. She just needs some confidence in fighting the mobs on her own.

I find myself wondering if we'll actually level all the way to 70 together. I don't see any reason now that we won't, but there's the possibility she could get burned out in the 30s and 40s, although this will be the first character I've leveled in that range since the 2.3 patch updated leveling speed. It will be cool to go to Dustwallow and see the new content that I haven't experienced yet along with her. Maybe the increased level speed there will make it fun.

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