Friday, April 11, 2008

Stealth Run

This morning I did a stealth run in cat form. Over the past year, reading the Warcraft forums and different blogs about WoW, I had heard of Rogues' and Cat Druids' ability to sneak around and complete quest objectives without having to slog through a defensive net of mobs that were on the path to the item or kill for the quest. I finally got to try it out myself.

I was able to get myself out of bed to play at my early morning time like I did before my wife started playing, making the evenings my usual time. Since I was on my own, I decided to try and finish up that lone quest from Blackfathom Deeps that I wasn't able to finish when we went in last weekend. I was a few levels higher, and I wanted to try out my stealth, so I went in to solo it.

It was a blast. I was prowling around unseen, and even with the Naha right on top of me, they didn't know I was there. I had worried that they would detect me if I got to close, but that didn't seem to matter. Everything went smooth as I navigated the caverns to where the Twilight Cultists were. I only needed one Twilight Pendant which was 100% drop from a cultist, so I figured it would be cake.

The problem was that all of the cultists came in pairs. I foolishly tried to take on the first two I happened upon. I got one down to 50%, but I think she was being healed by herself or the other one because I couldn't get her much past that. In the end I tried to lose them in the water, couldn't, and died. I about gave up, but decided one more try was merited. I got my Wisp self to the dungeon and prowled again.

This time I skipped the first room of cultists and headed to the room with Twilight Lord Kelris. In the corner I found a lone tiwlight gnome and proceeded to wear him down with Cat form. This went much better until he hit about 15% health and ran for help. I didn't react quickly enough and before long I had two on me again. Fortunately, one was the weakened gnome and I was able to kill him and loot the pendant before dying again. Quest objective achieved, I rezzed at the Spirit Healer and ran on to Auberdine a happy Night Elf.

Since I was in the area, I also finished off the Aquatic form quest by swimming up North of Darkshore and getting the final peice for my Pendant of the Sea Lion. Now Lal and I officially have all the same quests again. Speaking of Lal...

Last night we were able to get ourselves to level 28 on quests in Ashenvale. Most of them involved running back and forth across the zone which was a pain, but we got some nice rewards. Lal picked up a Gnarled Ash Staff off a random Satyr doing the various quests that involved killing them. Most of our quests are listed as level 30 now, and while as a duo we are able to do quests of a level fairly higher than our own, I think I may want to run off to Thousand Needles to do some of the quests on the Shimmering Flats and pick up a couple more flight points.

I'm still enjoying leveling with Lal, and Elionene keeps us stocked with supplies to level our trade skills. What I'm really looing forward to is getting started in Dustwallow Marsh and doing the new quests that I never did with Elionene. Then we'll both be venturing in to new territory!

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