Friday, March 28, 2008

Lal is Here to Stay

It has been decided. We will be purchasing Lal her own account so that she can continue her adventures in Azeroth. I am elated. My birthday is coming up and my wife asked me what I wanted. I told her I wanted her to activate her account, and she said okay, but wouldn't that be a little selfish because she wanted to play anyway? I just smiled. It's so much fun to play together, that it really does feel like a present for me.

Over the last two days we have nearly reached level 12. (didn't play long last night, we were at ball room dance lessons). I have achieved Bear form for my Druid, and Lal is fast becoming more proficient as a priest. She even had to rez my sorry butt after I got ganked by 2 Feral nightsabers and a big freaking spider. She was working on a nightsaber of her own and I was stupid and ran around a corner without looking. The spider ate me and she used her new Ressurection spell for the first time.

We completed all of our quests in Teldrassil and took a quick trip to and back from Auberdine on Darkshore. Lal decided to take up Tailoring and Herbalism. Now when we are out questing, I hear a lot of "Ooh! There's an herb on my map, cover me." Indicating that I should fight off the baddies while she harvests. It's cute. Salthier will be a skinner/leatherworker. I debated over this as they are the same professions as Elionene, but it just makes the most sense for him. I had thought about herb/alch, but I didn't want to compete with Lal for herbs. I suppose there is the possibility of being a skinner/alchemist. She could provide me with herbs, and I could provide her with skins for some of her tailoring patterns (a lot of the cloth shoes require leather), as well as leather for my own armor, which Elionene could make...I may have to give that more thought.

Our quick trip to Darkshore involved me fighting Lunaclaw and returning to Darnassus for my bear form. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I'm sure we'll be around tonight,and I'm looking forward to it. I'm activating her account today, so I may ask her if she wants to join up with the guild tonight.

The whole idea of us playing WoW together is something I would have thought preposterous a month ago. Now it's a reality, and it's a blast. On the subway today, on my way to work, I got a phone call from my wife, "How do I level up my tailoring again?" I had to stop myself from laughing too loudly on the train. I explained how she could get new patterns from the trainer every 5 points or so, and to make sure and craft the orange colored items to get skill ups. She found the trainer and said cool, and we hung up. A little while later I get another call, "Where can I buy Light Leather?" I chuckled and said she could get some at the Auction Hall, or I could give her some tonight since Salthier skinned a few cats yesterday. Afterwards I smiled again to think of what the people standing around me on the train must have thought.

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