Monday, November 17, 2008

Northrend is Beautiful...

Well, you know, except for all of the undead, and the wars going on, and Arthas showing up to laugh at you every now and then. But all in all, the new zones are amazing, the music is extensive and fitting, and Lal and I are having a great time.

I took time off work for Thursday and Friday so we could play our eyes out over the weekend, and we did. Lal is currently at 73, and Salthier is on his last bubble of 72. We are playing at a quick pace, but still trying to take the time to read the quest text and enjoy the experience. We started in the Borean Tundra and are working on the quests in the Dragonblight at the moment.

Elionene went to the Howling Fjord and is somewhere in the middle of level 71. I had time to play her when Lal was out and about on Thursday and then Sunday. Overall, I like the Fjord zone better in terms of things to see and the lore of the Vrykul. The quests everywhere are intelligent and different. Yes, there are a lot of kill this, and collect that type quests. But interspersed throughout are quests where you get to pilot planes, surf on harpoons, fly on dragons, and trample hordes of undead while bubbled.

And then there are the excrement quests. Seriously, what is up with all of these? It started in Outland where we had to find some water breathing cherries in Talbuk poo, but in Northrend I've encountered at least two and heard of a third quest all involving somebody's... left overs. I suppose it could be funny, but this might be overkill.

Moving on. The guild as a whole is set to start raiding Naxx sometime in January. I'm hopeful we can be clearing the place in February. This might be complicated by some real life activity for Lal and I that will interfere with our gaming time in December and January, but I'll adjust when we get to that point.

Other than the queues, the servers have been stable and the lag not unreasonable. It's a lot of fun to be doing new things and seeing new places instead of the same raid week after week. I've taken a lot of picturs and will throw up a post when I can. In the mean time, posting will probably be a bit irregular while I spend time leveling Salthier and Elionene with Lal.

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