Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mimiron Finally Falls

Last night we headed straight for Mimiron. We had some people make silly errors in the first wipe on the second phase, and then we NEARLY had him on the second try, but he manged to repair after we didn't get the parts down at the same time in phase 4. On try three, we had some disconnect problems with our main tank which of course didn't go well.

But on magic try number 4, all the parts fell into place. Everyone did their best, and the bot went down!

It was a tough battle, and we were all shaking at the end, but we did it! We went on to finish off the rest of the keepers that night, so tonight we'll be starting with General Vezax who I plan to kill without too many issues. Then it's Yogg-Saron himself. Wish us luck!

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