Friday, June 26, 2009

Khristin Reaches 80

Didn't know if I could pull it off, but I now have my third toon at 80! Khristin hit 80 in Halls of Lightning on the trash before Loken tonight. Of note is that Lal actually got her third toon to 80 yesterday with Yelyena, her paladin. (Or Laladin as some people like to call it.) Yes, she beat me to 80. I would blame my job, but she's been working too, so she was really just more dedicated. She leveled with another guildie's paladin who should hit 80 later tonight or tomorrow.

So now what? I actually really like Shaman healing so far, so I'll probably continue to grind rep and dungeons to get her a nice set. I've also had some fun getting RP sets together. As luck would have it, a pretty nice looking and useful kilt dropped tonight in Halls of Lightning. Here is Khristin cheering after reaching her 80th season! Wearing the new kilt and a fancy chest piece I found on the auction hall. I think it looks very shamanistic. Shamtastic even.

First things first though, Salthier needs to get his Flame Warden title. He's well on his way to finishing all of the holiday achievements. Just one more to go!

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Moonie said...

YAY! Congrats to you both :) Someday I'll get wee Abby up there, and join the ranks of The Three. Someday.