Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet Khristin

It's a little late, but I wanted to get a character post up.

Here is my Shaman alt who I've been leveling using the ultra cool WoW-Pro leveling guide by Jame. Her name is Khristin, and I'm still working on her back story, but the story of how she came to be is sort of interesting. To me at least. See, originally, Lal and I were going to roll Draenei characters and level them together. This was when Salthier and Lal were at level 70 and that was as high as you could go, so we wanted to try and get some alts up. I wanted a healer, so I created Bogdan, a male Draenei Shaman. Lal made Nadyezhda, a female Draenei Mage.

Well we got them to level 13 or so and Lal sort of lost interest. Part of that was because we were raiding Kara at the time and so Lal (the character) needed some attention, and part of that was because I'm not sure if she really took to being a mage or not. Since I didn't want to level without her, Bogdan got shelved for the time being. I was a little disappointed because I was enjoying the Shaman and had even come up with a background for Bogdan which I posted in this blog. But I didn't want to force Lal to play a character she didn't like, so we started playing Lal and Sal some more, and I raided with Elionene quite a bit.

So a little while later, I'm getting the itch to level a healer again, but Bogdan is stuck on Bloodmyst Isle indefinitely. I don't want to level him alone, but I could create a new alt and level him or her alone since she wouldn't be connected to a toon Lal was playing. But I didn't want two Draenei Shaman. And I didn't want to level another healing class. And I've yet to come up with a human concept that I really like. So I came up with a great plan.

I rerolled Bogdan as a male Paladin and leveled him to the same point that I had done on the previous Bogdan. Then left him on Bloodmyst. Then I rolled Khristin, a female Shaman, to be a healer. Why a female? Because for some reason, I can't bring myself to have two characters with the same race and sex. I have two Night Elves, one female, one male, so I wanted to have two Draenei, one female, one male. And doing it this way, I had that.

I got Khristin level to 20 before Wrath started and she got put aside while Elionene and Salthier took the spot light. Now with them both at 80, and raiding becoming less exciting and more "the usual," I decided it was high time I leveled my Shaman Healer. She is currently Level 51 and questing in the Searing Gorge. I'm leveling Elemental for the time being, but I will probably respec to a hybrid Elemental/Restoration build at level 70 for dungeons and questing in Northrend, and then full Restoration when I hit 80.

I'm really enjoying the class and the mechanics. And the guide makes leveling fun since it's effortless to decided what to do next. Now all I have to do is come up with a history for her. I don't want her to be too old, but not young either. Since Draenei are either extremely long lived, or immortal, I'm thinking of placing her birth after they left Argus, but before they landed on the Orc home world, Draenor. And if you're not sure where all this lands in the time line, you can read this post. Conceptually, I imagine her as a young 30 something. Excited by the world of Azeroth, but experienced enough to know a thing or two about the battles and hardships that she is fighting against. Since I don't have any characters that are really into pets or mounts, I figure she would be a good candidate, collecting and cataloging everything she comes across because it's all so interesting for her.

She's currently an Inscriptionist/Herbalist, but since Salthier is now a max leveled herbalist, I'm probably going to drop that from Khristin and pick up something else. Not sure what yet, I have to think about it some more.

Meanwhile, in just the past couple days, Lal decided to try out a Paladin alt that had been serving as a bank alt for her. Turns out she really likes it, so maybe we'll see her getting another character up to higher levels before long.

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