Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lessons in Lore - The Construct Quarter

So we've seen the bosses of the Military Quarter. Let's take a look one of the other quarters. The one with all the bosses you just want to grab a hold of and hug and squeeze....until all the pus and bodily fluids come flying out. Yes, that's right, the Abomination Quarter. Also known as the Construct quarter because all of the bosses are basically constructions.

Contruct Quarter


Commander Eligor Dawnbringer wrote:
"Behold, Patchwerk. When word of his existence first reached the ears of the Brotherhood, none believed the tales of an abomination with such immense speed and strength. Fewer still believed it when he fell the first time..."

I'm not sure if I understand our friend Eligor in this quote. Maybe a reference to Patchwerk taking out some good guys as he fell? Regadless, Patchwerk simply boils down to a highly gifted abomination. Abominations are created from piles of plague ridden corpses, stitched together and given animation by a necromancer of some sort. Patchwerk is Kel'thuzad's Avatar of War, which although it sounds really cool, appears to be an Everquest reference in which there was a monster called "The Avatar of War" that had similar abilities. His quotes lead us to believe that Patchwerk, while the toughest of the tough when it comes to abominations, is fairly simple minded, exclaiming that he just wants to play.

He can also be found in the Death Knight starting area, and actually has some humorous quotes as well about being on loan from Naxxramas.


Commander Eligor Dawnbringer wrote:
"Grobbulus, the first of what was to be an army of flesh giants. It carried the plague slime of Naxxramas within its body, injecting the living ooze into the bodies of its foe. The recipient of this foul injection would usually flee to his allies, bringing them down with him."

This guy is ugly. And gross. He's got a freaking tube coming out of his FACE!? He's basically a plague spreading machine made of flesh. He contains the plague within him and has a giant needle arm so he can just inject whoever he likes with it. Eligor's quotes also lend themselves to how the fights with these monsters work. During the fight, Grobby will inject people with poison that they have to run "away" from the group to get rid of, otherwise, everybody dies. Pretty clever.


Commander Eligor Dawnbringer wrote:
"Gluth, the foul plague-dog of Naxxramas, was said to have an appetite so voracious that even the living were not enough to satisfy his hunger. Feugen was said to feed him an army of zombies daily, recycling the remains of undead too weak to use in combat."

Isn't he cute? Sort of, in a weird, pieced together way. Like all of the bosses in the Construct wing, Gluth is also a pile of corpses stitched together and reanimated, but this time in the form of a giant zombie-eating dog. Not so cute anymore, is he? And guess what? If you happen to be a sorry undead who can't keep himself in the real fight for the Lich King out on the front lines, you get fed to the dog. I guess that's incentive to stay in tip top fighting shape.


Commander Eligor Dawnbringer wrote:
"Thaddius, built from the flesh of women and children, it is said that their souls are fused together - eternally bound within that foul prison of flesh."

I'm surprised Eligor doesn't have more to say about Thaddius. Again, he's a construct like all the other bosses in the wing, but he's a special construct, made with specifically the flesh of women and children. Perhaps the idea is that the souls of women and children create a bigger menace than regular old men flesh? Or maybe they conduct a current better since Thaddius is electrically charged. He's like a giant battery actually, and killing off his two henchmen, Feugen and Stalagg, turns him on and makes him mad.

For all of these guys, there's really no history. They were made out of corpses and flesh from various things and placed in Naxxramas to guard the citadel of Kel'thuzad. They are the elite of the Lich King's army.

Next week we'll take a look at the Plague wing. Put on your dancing shoes.

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