Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What We've Been Up To

So I'm glad I put a handy guide to the right of the page that tells me what I'm supposed to blog about each day.  I'm not left scrambling for an idea.  Actually, since it is Character Day, it's a great opportunity for me to post some screenshots and talk about some of the things that have kept Lal and I busy over the past two months.  

First, one of my proudest accomplishments.  For those that may not know, I'm a raid leader in the guild Veritas on the Moon Guard realm.  It's a role playing realm, and the founders of our guild set out to do something they were told was impossible.  Create a guild that is both active in role playing and progressive in raiding.  Before Wrath we had completed Kara and were working our way through Zul'aman, with the occasional 25 person raid when we were invited by another guild.

With the advent of Wrath and 10 person raid content available for all raids, we as a guild decided to focus on the 10 person content.  I was in charge of organizing and leading our first raid into Naxxramas.  Our first week, we cleared three of the wings, and got to Thaddius, the last boss of the fourth wing we did, the Abomination wing.  The week after that we had a rough start, but we came back for a second night and cleared all the way through Sapphiron! Kel'thuzad would have to wait because we ran out of time.  We got him the next week though. Our most recent raid was done in just four and a half hours, so I'm pretty proud of our guild and our raiders for doing so well.  We've started a second team led by another raid leader to accommodate everyone who wants to go.  Here's a shot of us on Ket'thuzad's throne after we took him down.  I think this was our second time.


That's Elionene on the left, and Lal is to her right.  That's a pretty big thrown for a guy that doesn't even have any legs...

Salthier has been hanging out around Dalaran mostly. He's got a few epic pieces of gear and is always available to tank for someone if needed.  He used to be an Enchanter/Alchemist, but recently Jewel crafting became a very desirable profession for a lot of people and Lal decided to drop herbalism to take up JC.  Since that meant Sal's supply of herbs was gone, I dropped Enchanting and took up Herbalism for him.  He's up at 450 now after several days of crawling through lowbie zones.  Lal's already up to 440 in Jewel crafting too.  What about Enchanting? Well, Driya has that covered now.  So, yeah, Sal sits around Dalaran and makes Titanium out of Saronite bars once a day and brews up some flasks for Elionene and Lal when they go raiding.


Where Salthier gets a lot of play is during the holidays.  So far, since October, I've been able to complete each of the holiday meta achievements and get him that holiday's title.  The shot up above is from the Lunar Festival.  Sal spends a lot of time in that bank.

Lal is also getting the holiday titles.  She's actually better at it than me, but she doesn't like the achievements that involve battlegrounds.  PvP is not her thing.  It's not mine either, but I don't mind it much if I have a goal in mind.  Here's a nice shot of Lal after getting the Merrymaker achievement during Christmas.


I'll say one thing.  These holiday title achievements sure get people to go to the old world cities. I've spent a lot of time in Ironforge.

It's easy to see we've been busy in game, even though I haven't had time to blog about it.  There aren't any holidays in March which is good.  We need a break!  I'll have time to focus on getting our raid to beat Malygos and Sartharion with two drakes up.  I also plan to write more character stories for Elionene's Journal and more lore for our guild site and for this site.  I think I remember that Lore Thursday was one of people's favorite parts of this blog, so look forward to that tomorrow!

In closing, here's a shot of Salthier in cat form during a trip to the Crystal Song forest.  I really hope they do more with this zone in the future.  Elionene would love to get rep with the Silver Covenant.


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