Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

Wow, that was an extended hiatus, wasn't it?  We've moved, we're in a new state, and I've got a lot of free time since I've yet to find steady employment.  I've also been missing this blog and writing in general.  You would think without a job, I would have plenty of time to write, but it's taken a back seat to job searching, taking care of errands, and I've actually gotten a fair amount of play time in.  In fact, here's an update.

- Both Elionene and Salthier now level 80, and decked out in raid and heroic gear.  

- Lal is also 80, but even more shocking than that, is her Shadow Priest, Driya, is also 80.  Yes, my wife who once said she would never play this game, now has two level 80 priests.  She's wonderful.

- I respecced Elionene to Survival when they nerfed BM hunters.  Even after Bm got a buff, I stayed SV because of the replenishment ability.  I'm currently the only member of our Naxx-10 team that has that buff, and I enjoy bringing both great DPS and mana utility to the raid.  Not to mention Explosive shot is the bomb.  (okay, pun intended)

- Veritas has cleared Naxxramas-10.  I would even say we have it on farm.  Our last two runs, we've cleared it in less than 5 hours. We're starting a second team to get more people involved, and we're weighing options for doing Naxxramas-25

- Veritas has also taken down Sartharion in the Obsidian Sanctum with one drake up.  

- We're currently working on Malygos.  Our first try was last night.  We took about 6 or so tries at him in a 2 hour window.  We got better each time.  Our final attempt had him down to 13% or so.  We need to work on our DPS in the first phase, and our dragon riding in the third phase, but I think we can get him next week.

- I've also recently rekindled interest in my lowbie Shaman who I planned to make a healer.  She's up to level 30 now.  I'm going to start using Jame's leveling guide from wow-pro to get her up to speed!

I plan on returning to blogging regularly so keep an eye on this site for more Veritas raid news, character stories, lore, and other random wow stuff.  I apologize for the absence! 

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Good to have back :).