Monday, August 4, 2008

Sad Day in Wowville

Yesterday, two of my favorite people in all of Warcraft. Two people who I've run a dungeon every Saturday morning with for the last 8 months, let Lal and me know that they were leaving the guild.


It's funny how in just playing a video game, we've made so many friends. It might be hard to explain to people who don't play online games how people we've never met in real life can be our friends, but the time we've spent together and the adventures we've shared count for something. And we've even got to know a few of these people outside of the game through facebook, and email, and what not. Lal and I even had dinner with a guy from our guild when he visited Boston on a business trip. It was a lot of fun.

The two that are leaving Veritas are staying on the server and starting their own guild. They really just saw Veritas heading in a different direction than they wanted to go, and decided the best way to go the direction they wanted was to start their own guild. I respect that. It's still hard. Part of me wants to go with them and be a part of their guild. But a larger part of me cannot forsake the other friends and progress I've made with Veritas, a guild which I still really love. We could make alts and join them to the new guild, but I'm not ready for the duo-guilding that some people do. That's a little more complicated than I think I can handle.


For now, we'll make the best of the situation, and we'll still be doing Saturday morning runs, and even Sunday afternoon runs which we've affectionately dubbed "Afternoon Tea" with our friends, even if the title under our names is slightly different. It's not like they've left. It's just going to be different. And only time will tell what kind of different that will be.

Tomorrow I'll post a more uplifting post about focus macros. What? An actually informative and useful blog post? No fluff about characters and what level I've achieved? Yes. That's right. Actual, useful, information. Welcome to Good Morning Azeroth.


Anonymous said...

Not thinking of going with them?
samownall - Wow Blogger

Unknown said...

I think I said it in the post. I had thought of moving to the new guild with them, but I'm just not ready to leave Veritas, and I don't know that I'll ever be. Maybe it's a loyalty issue, or maybe I just find it hard to choose one set of friends over another. I don't know what the future holds, but for now, I'm staying put.

Chu said...

If you havent done so already, create a custom channel for yourself and your friends. You can password it if you dont want other people from getting to it and you can make a whole set of macros to let you know who is in the channel and so on and so forth. (think of it as a weak irc channel)

fifigoesnom said...

*hugs* it doesn't matter what guild tag I'm wearing over my head, or what guild tag you're wearing over yours, our friendship will prevail :) CoD 4ever!!