Friday, January 15, 2010 Application, formerly WoW Insider, is a very popular warcraft blog with a lot of contributors. It's a very well known source of information for all things WoW. I've been reading it pretty much since I started playing the game and looking up information on the internet. A few weeks ago they put up a notice that they were looking for new columnists, including a lore columnist.

Now, I had chickened out earlier when they were looking for a hunter columnist because I just couldn't convince myself I had the passion for huntering that I felt I would need to write a weekly column on it, even though my main is a hunter and I love the class. But lore? I really enjoy the lore of this game. I could do a lore column. Heck, most of my posts in this blog are about lore. So over the last two weeks I put the application together and sent it off. It was actually pretty challenging to get the application done.

I have a few horde characters, but I admit that I'm an alliance guy. Part of the application involved writing what I felt was in store for the future of the Horde, and I struggled with that. It's not that I don't know anything about the lore of the Horde, or what potential things are changing for them. I just couldn't think of how to express it in 500-750 words. I'm really looking forward to seeing how a leadership change from a diplomat (Thrall) to a more militaristic (Garrosh) personality will change the Horde. If we thought they were vicious and bloodthirsty now, it's only going to get worse. I'm curious how goblins being an official part of the horde will affect them. But it was hard for me to speculate on what those changes might actually be.

The rest of the application was more fun. I had a good time writing up a list of potential topics and I think I came up with some really good ones. I was more generic in my topics. My intention was to leave it open ended so I could make a more detailed decision later. They may have been looking for more specifics, so it may work against me, but at least I'll have some topics to put on this, sadly, seldom posted on, blog in the future. I was joking on the officer channel in our guild last night with another officer who submitted an application that even if we don't get hired, at least the people at will be reading our blogs that we linked in the application. Maybe I'll start getting a few more hits here and feel like I'm actually contributing to the WoW Blogosphere!

Anyway, I'm glad I got it finished and sent in. I can think of several other bloggers that could probably talk about lore a lot better than I could, but I would never know if I didn't try.

Thanks, and have a good morning.

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Unknown said...

Good luck!! FWIW, I think you'd do a fantastic job as a lore columnist. I'll keep my fingers crossed!